Slow Food O’ahu events suspended due to COVID-19 crisis

Dear Slow Food O’ahu Ohana,

As we watch the COVID-19 health crisis unfold, Slow Food O’ahu wishes you continued good health and calm through these strained times.  It is in this spirit that the board has decided to temporarily suspend events until gatherings can safely occur without substantial health risk.  It is the pono thing to do.

Currently, the Centers for Disease Control recommends limiting large gatherings.  Many businesses and schools have closed their doors temporarily to prevent the spread of this coronavirus.  If you are concerned you may be sick or have been asked to self-quarantine, please make smart choices about participating in community events and being in public places.

Slow Food O’ahu is all about sharing and community.  When we come together, we REALLY come together to eat, drink, laugh and learn.  Be assured that during this time, planning for future events and activities will go on uninterrupted and we will continue to promote ono and pono food.  But this is a time to think about everyone’s health and safety. We will all get through this together. We look forward to a future full of fantastic food, fabulous drink, roaring laughter and warm hugs for all.

Slow Food O’ahu Board

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