Slow Press – September 12, 2022

Dear Friends of Slow Food,

Board Recruits

We are working to reinvigorate our local chapter this fall and could use some help! Our working board needs new energy, new idea and new members. We’re looking for folks with enthusiasm and interest in creating and organizing events. Another area of need is social media outreach. If you are someone who is passionate about Slow Food, and have time to work with us, please send a note of interest to Eliza Lathrop, our board chair. Her email is

Ka Mai‘a Ho‘olaule‘a

Slow Food Oahu, Hawaii SEED, the Banana Source and Waimea Valley are working on creating a new event, Ka Maia Hoolaulea or the Banana Festival to be held on Sunday, November 13. We will need an assortment of volunteers to hang up banners, man our booths, give out banana samples and more. If you have the time and inclination, we’d appreciate your presence. At the bottom of this note, you will find more information about the Ho‘olaule‘a. If you are interested in helping, please contact Mary Lacques at

Mai‘a Banana Festival 2022

On Sunday, November 13, 11 am-4 pm, The Banana Source, Hawai’i SEED, Slow Food Oahu, and Waimea Valley will host the inaugural Mai‘a Ho‘olaule‘a/Banana Festival.

While most of us are familiar with local apple bananas and the ubiquitous central American Chiquita, few of us have ever eaten a Hawaiian banana or enjoyed a savory banana dish. We hope to remedy that at Ka Mai‘a ‘Ho‘olaule‘a!

The Fest was created to expand our notions of what a banana is and can be. We’ve put together a program to help island residents successfully grow and use bananas in various ways.

Food Booths and Samples

A number of noted island chefs will be on hand to provide samples and recipes for banana dishes. Banana-based plate lunches and desserts will be available for purchase.

Mai‘a Workshops

There will be workshops on best-growing practices, botanical and culinary history, and on banana preservation and cookery.

Banana T-Shirt Dyes

Growers have experienced the impressive ability of bananas to stain clothing. We’ll put those qualities to good use, letting fair goers dye their own t-shirts or buy a t-shirt on-site to dye with banana stalks, stems and flowers.

Banana Fruits and Plants for Sale

Gabe Sacher-Smith of the Banana Source, Pu‘u o Hoku, and other growers and farms will provide plants and fruits for sale. Some unusual types will be available, including a few Hawaiian mai‘a.

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