Slow Suppers at Home – Two Summer Choices

Slow Suppers at Home – Two Summer Choices
An “Eggsellent Dinner” – Waikiki private home, August 6, 2016
A “Tapas Dinner” – Mililani Mauka private home, August 13, 2016
beginning at 6:00 p.m. at both homes
Slow Food O’ahu is attempting to re-invigorate our Slow Suppers at Home program. Our first supper in late July in Manoa was ‘sold out’ on EventBrite before it was even placed in our newsletter. (Hence, we are not advertising it here).  Thus, we are offering another two in early August through our newsletter.

We are Slow Food O’ahu so please envision food that is good for you, good for the people who grow it and good for planet. Let’s get ingredients that are as LOCAL as possible!

We ask participants to contribute $5 to the host(ess) on site to help defray our overhead. Participation is limited to members of Slow Food. A member may be accompanied by one non-member. The membership may be International or USA. To join, go to, If you’re joining our chapter, be sure to check the Oahu chapter.

The Slow Suppers at Home encourage local members in different parts of the island to get to know their fellow members, and welcoming Slow Food members from other parts of the world who might happen visiting the islands. And of course, to celebrate our local farmers, producers, and their bounty. Most of all, we want to have fun.  If you wish to host a dinner, please contact David Bangert at  See below for the two available dinners for registration.

An “Eggsellent Dinner” – August 6, 2016

Waikiki Condo at 6:00 p.m.  

This Slow Supper will be held in Waikiki (convenient parking) for 6 guests. The theme is “eggs”. The hostess will provide quiche prepared by a French baker in town. Each guest should bring a dish to complement the quiche (salad, vegetable, starch, dessert) and using eggs is a nice touch. Each guest should bring a dish, so if you are coming as a couple, please bring two dishes.  Also, please bring your beverage of choice.
You will be notified before the dinner of the location by the host.
If you would like to participate, tickets are available at

“A Tapas Dinner” – August 13, 2016

Mililani home at 6:00 p.m.
This Slow Supper will be a “tapas dinner” in Mililani Mauka. “Tapas” are small, bite dishes tapas originated in Andalusia, Spain, a region famous for its sherry wine. Patrons at local bars would cover their glasses with slices of bread between sips in order to prevent intrepid flies from landing in the sweet wine. Bartenders soon put small snacks atop the bread, and tapas, from the Spanish verb ‘tapar,’ meaning to cover, were born. Now tapas restaurants around the world continue the tradition of small, shareable bites to enjoy with wine and friends.
“Tapas” are closest to our “pupus” in terms of size and manner of eating. Each guest should bring one or two “tapas” to share. Also, please bring your beverage of choice.
This event is limited to 5 guests.  You will be notified before the dinner of the location by the host.

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