Terra Madre 2020

Every two years, Slow Food International sponsors Terra Madre, the largest international gathering of individuals dedicated to good, clean, and fair food, the environment, and food politics.

The event will be held in Torino, Italy from October 8 to 12, 2020. Slow Food O’ahu is mindful that the health issues surrounding COVID-19 could alter, or even cancel the event. However, we are proceeding as if the event is still happening until otherwise notified.

In prior years, Slow Food O’ahu has offered financial scholarships to individuals to attend Terra Madre and its accompanying, Salone Del Gusto food festival. Our target audience for the scholarship are farmers, producers, chefs, etc. who support our local food justice system.

We typically support 80% of an individual’s economy airfare from Hawai’i to Torino. Delegates must be current Slow Food members or be willing to become a member. In return, we ask that the individual host an event that showcases to our members/guests your work, your product, or your organization and, ideally, fundraise for future delegates.

If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please fill out the application and return to the Hawai’i Slow Food Governor, Laurie Carlson, at lauriecarlson@me.com by April 24, 2020 (Earth Day).

Your Slow Food O’ahu Board

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